Michael Harasek
Ao. Univ.Prof. DI Dr. Michael Harasek
PI & Supervisor
Michael Harasek holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering TU Wien, and a habilitation for Separations Engineering. Since 2000, he leads a research group in “Separations Engineering and CFD” at the Institute of Chemical, Environmental and Bioscience Engineering of TU Wien. As an associate university professor, he is currently responsible for the research unit “Thermal Process Engineering and Simulation” with two research groups and approx. 35 PhD and PostDoc researchers. Previous and current research is mainly focused on the development and scale-up of sustainable technologies utilising renewable resources by process intensification and process integration of novel and innovative separation techniques. The specific areas of expertise Prof. Michael Harasek will bring in to the project are: separations engineering, design of membrane separation units, process simulation and optimisation, modelling and simulation of mass transfer effects in biorefinery related process equipment, computational fluid dynamics with specific emphasis on multiscale, multiphysics flow phenomena in complex geometries, and laser-based methods in experimental fluid dynamics.
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