Process optimization for enhanced lactic and amino acid production

Lactic acid (LA) and amino acids (AA) are the major fermentation products of ensiling process. LA and AA production is challenging due to secondary clostridial fermentation at implementation of poor ensiling techniques, producing undesirable by-products which reduce the quality of the LA and AA produced. Several parameters and variables are elucidated to increase LA and AA production from grass- and seaweed-silage fed to the TPB reactor.

Initially based in DTU under the supervision of Prof. Angelidaki with input from Dr. Tsapekos, the successful candidate will:

  • Be trained on fermentative LA production, examining various process optimisation approaches using both pure and mixed microbial cultures,
  • Examine the isolation of microbes from different environments to establish a bioaugmentation platform to achieve higher LA and AA yields,
  • Assess different pre-treatment techniques and optimal TPB-1st phase reactor configurations,
  • Be seconded to Samtech Extraktionstechnik GmbH (Austria) to gain a deeper understanding of 1st phase LA and AA water extraction processes and biosensor operation.

For my undergraduate studies, I completed a comprehensive five-year integrated bachelor and master’s program in General Biology at the department of Biological Application & Technologies in Ioannina, Greece. To deepen my knowledge further, I enrolled in an MSc degree with a major in Marine Science at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. My primary scientific interest is Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology with a focus on microbial interactions and bioprocessing of aquatic microorganisms.

Favourite quote: Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein

Favourite place in the world: My most favorite place is Pelion, Greece. Pelion is a mountainous peninsula with a very diverse natural landscape. The peninsula is surrounded by an extraordinary coastline, while the mountainous part is covered with thick forest and numerous stone-built villages.