AgRefine European Training Network (ETN) will train Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) in the necessary skills and knowledge to position Europe as the global leader in developing an agri-bioeconomy industry based on advanced biorefinery technologies. AgRefine aims to disrupt the mechanism by which biomass is currently being used by cooperatively integrating innovative stand-alone technologies so that the highest value, socio economically beneficial products per input substrates, can be achieved.

Jan Starke was the first ESR to start on the project with project partners Wageningen University & Research.

Francesca Magnolo (ESR14) presents her AgRefine project “Financial sustainability and sustainable business models. ” at “Waste to Energy… and more!” Webinar

We are very proud of Priya Pollard for being one of only 12 Irish PhD students / PhD holders (3 years or less) to be offered a place on the EMPORIA4KT training and mentoring programme for Blue Economy researchers to enhance their skills in innovation and technology transfer to equip them with the vital knowledge transfer (KT) skills for their future careers in Blue Economy innovation.
A total of 60 individuals were chosen across Europe to take part in the training.

A fantastic achievement and opportunity for Priya Pollard.

You can find out more about the EMPORIA4KT program here ->

Priya Pollard will be presenting at the Business2Sea Conference and Workshops next week. The event runs from the 16th to the 20th November and Priya will be presenting on the 19th.

Priya’s presentation (AGREFINE project: The potential for processing seaweed using fermentation) is part of the Round table “Knowledge transfer opportunities on macroalgae exploitation” which is kicking off at 16:30

Check out the event and register to see Priya present:

Jan Starke (ESR15) will present ‘Transition Pathways. On the way to sustainability: Highway or scenic route? at the Circular Bio-Economy, Agriculture & Food Researchers at Wageningen University & Research