Enabling Governance Arrangements for Next Generation Agri Biorefinery Technology.

The development of innovative biorefinery technologies inherently challenges existing policies and legal frameworks, and may trigger societal controversies due to uncertainties, conflicting frames, or poor stakeholder involvement. This PhD project will: i) analyse the mechanisms contributing to (potential) controversies; (2) design and experiment with stakeholder involvement arrangements to enable responsive innovation; (3) identify mismatches with current EU and domestic policies, and (4) propose policy frameworks that encourage agri biorefinery technology.

The candidate will be based at the Public Administration and Policy Group of Wageningen University, the Netherlands, which has the mission of studying the governance of wicked problems in the life sciences domains to develop more effective and legitimate governance arrangements. The supervisors of the project will be prof. dr. C.J.A.M. Termeer, dr. T.A.P. Metze and dr. J.J.L. Candel.

I obtained a B.A in Political Sciences and Law from Münster University (Germany) (2014) and an M.Sc in Sustainable Development: Environmental Governance from Utrecht University (2017, cum laude). Furthermore, I am a LL.M candidate in Sustainability Law: Energy, Resources & Environment at Leuphana Professional School Lüneburg (Germany). After working as Head Quality Management in a chemical-technical laboratory, I started a PhD project at Wageningen University & Research within the AgRefine project on next-generation bioeconomy research.

Fun fact: In my free time, I love to play korfball, a typically Dutch sport designed to be played in mixed-sex teams.

Favourite Comment from a Reviewer:  “I’m not sure whether this is recognized as anything other than pie-in-the-sky fantasy functional to the reproduction of current naturalized structural inequality”.