Xavier Gabet

Host – TBW Research, Austria (registered at Technische Universität Wien) 

Market uptake of new products and technologies depends on the complex interplay of several factors which include cost, physical properties, compliance with regulation, and existing market structures. Although biobased products may look attractive from other perspectives, a company will have little incentive to develop them, unless profitability can be ensured. This task will focus specifically on AD as a core existing technology and defining the economic case for clip-on modules to upgrade ADs to AgRefine’s biorefinery technology.

Initially based in TBWR and under the supervision of Mr. Mandl with input from Prof. Harasek (TUW), the successful candidate will:

  • Undertake an in-depth market analysis of the existing AD and biorefinery sectors, producing market reports in the area of biogas, bio-based products and feedstocks,
  • Assess current legislation frameworks in use for licensing AD plants across Europe where different member states have approached licensing in different ways,
  • Be seconded to the European Biogas Association (Belgium) to assess the market potential of retro-fitting existing digesters so that they can be converted to new multi-product systems,
  • Be seconded to UGent and under the supervision of Dr Steelman will carry out cost accounting of the implementation scenarios developed,
  • Assess the biorefinery system on an extended scale or parameter matrix beyond currently applied pure economic driven assessment practices,
  • Provide an overarching strategy for implementing AgRefine technology including recommendations on future policy frameworks for biogas and biorefinery development.

I am a bioengineer from Brussels. I obtained my Master’s degree of Bioengineer in Chemistry and Bioindustries in September 2020, from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB). I have always had a keen interest for the fields of sustainability, ecology, and natural sciences in general. On top of that, I became passionate about biotechnologies and biomass valorisation during the last couple of years.

As a person, I aspire to live in a bio-based society that is respectful of the environment and its citizens. I reckon that the establishment of a local circular bioeconomy is essential to that aspiration. Then, as a bioengineer, I am eager to contribute to realizing and implementing in practice projects that move our society in that direction. Therefore, I find the AgRefine project positively ambitious and I feel extremely fortunate to be a part of it.

I love travelling, learning new languages, and being introduced to new cultures and people. I enjoy very much camping, hiking, motorcycling, or any combination of the previous.